Products Filter & Pump Mini Hang-on Filter
  • Insert the cartridge filtering sponge into the filter chamber along the fillister.
  • Cap the water inlet sponge on filtering tube, assemble it with the connection tube, and then equip two tubes onto the filter.
  • Hang the filter on the tank. Install the "adjustment button" at the bottom of the filter to adjust the water level.
  • Make sure the water level of the tank is higher than the motor of the filter.
  • Fill the water to full in the filter and put on the lid.
  • Plug in the filter, and turn the water rate to maximum. Wait until the water starts to circulate then adjust the required water rate.
  • Please test and see if the filtering chamber is waterproof. Fill in the chamber with warm water, if there is any water leakage after 15~30 minutes testing, please return it back to the shop for replacement.
  • Make sure all the electronic appliances are turned off before you putting your hands into the water of operating the products.

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